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Travelling Comedy Game Shows

William James’ Traveling Comedy Game Show Series

“William James has become one of the most popular performers in the (67 year) history of the Penticton Peach Festival”   quoted from The Official 2014 Peach Festival Guide, Penticton Western News. For 18 years William has been performing daily at this world famous week long event!!!

Master Game Show Host & Creator William James has been making crowds laugh full time for nearly 20 years . He has performed well over one thousand performances and has entertained world wide for companies and events from tiny to well over 10,000 people in size. William is an award winner, both for his comedy hypnosis as well as for his amazing comedy game shows. Below is a small recap of 6 of the 9 of his traveling comedy game shows that you can bring to your upcoming event.


NEW!!!  Family Fewd Group Game; Everyone loves Family Feud but until now it has only been playable by a small number of people at an event while the rest of the crowd watched…not any more!!! William James developed this tribute over a 2 year period so it would involve everyone at an event no matter the size. Now every table becomes their own “Family” & every table fully plays every question!!! No more watching & waiting!!! Complete with 10 hilarious comedy segments, this game truly is an amazing interactive experience for events that want everyone to have fun!!! A traditional tribute to Family Feud is also available.

William James’ Ultimate Trivia Party; William calls this his most immersive game to date!!! It is made up of nearly a dozen different games in one!!! Turning every table into their own team amps up the immersion as they go head-to-head against every other table at your event (competing not only in trivia but also in; name that tune, the price is right, charades, doodling, karaoke, hilarious comedy skits and much more) … This game is the “Disneyland” of William James’ comedy game shows

You Guessed It; Imagine how involved and entertained your group will be when every person at your event has input on every single question, and every single game play element is geared toward full participation ☺ For the first time ever…each person becomes their own team!!! Truly living up to its name, this super entertaining gameshow is made up entirely of fun 50/50 multiple choice trivia questions (from hilarious Bathroom Reader type books). It will not matter what you, or anyone at your event knows, because chances are…You Guessed It

 Trivia Bingo; We all love yelling out B-I-N-G-O in a crowd of people!!! Trivia Bingo is a super fun game that combines the excitement of Bingo with the team building fun of everyday table trivia  A truly unique gameshow experience that your crowd will absolutely love  Want to yell B-I-N-G-O before anyone else, then your team is really going to have to earn it

In It To Win It; A tribute to televisions Minute To Win It game show  Zany “stunts” make up this fast paced game show where Laugh after Laugh will roll out as your guests watch other guests attempt to complete (up to 36) different comical “stunts” like; rapid Kleenex pulling, opera singing & Oreo rolling  . This is our only Non-Trivia gameshow & it is very entertaining .

Jeparody Live; is a tribute to America’s favorite television game show Jeopardy. Complete with a 12 foot large game board,

3 electronic scoring podiums, full sound effects & buzzers. The questions are a zillion times easier than they are on t.v.  plus William allows cheating, so your whole crowd will be in on every question . William has also added a variety of comedy elements to keep your group laughing for the whole show

Comedy Hypnosis Shows; William James is a sought after and well loved Canadian hypnotist ☺ His shows are hilarious, clean, integrity based, and consist of original material that he has developed since 1997 William has 12 different comedy hypnosis shows (including two greatest hits shows) and has been a permanent entertainer at the Penticton PeachFest for 18 years now  an A+ Entertainment Choice!!!