Hypnotist William James  - Hypnosis on Tour

Hypnotist Shows

Hypnotist William James’ Hypnosis on Tour has been touring since 1996, with over 170 performances last year alone.  Growing in scope to encompass well over 300 skits, which make up eleven completely unique and different stage shows ranging from one to two and a half hours in length.

William James utilizes more costumes, props and music than any other traveling hypnosis show today!  Thus making the shows completely customizable and excellent for multiple bookings!

Costume & Theme Shows Include:    


  1. The New Millennium Show
  2. Salute to the Movies
  3. Disney Dreaming
  4. Out of This World (Alien Show)
  5. Rodeo-Rama
  6. Tribute to Cheech & Chong (mature audiences)
  7. Tribute to Jerry Springer (mature audiences)
  8. Survivor – The Experience (requires minimum of 12 volunteers)
  9. Spoofs of the Sitcoms
  10. Hypnosis and the Holidays! Our Christmas Extravaganza
  11. Greatest Hits Shows #1 & #2